BMR Calculator

What is Basal Metabolic Rate

So you found our BMR Calculator, but what is it? Your Basal Metabolic Rate, or more commonly known as your BMR, is basically the amount of energy your body requires on a daily basis to perform it’s normal functions. Imagine if you were to just sit on the couch all day, doing absolutely nothing. Your body still needs energy to survive. It needs to pump blood through your body, allow your heart to beat, make your lungs contract, etc. That is what your BMR is.

Quite simply, if you were to sit in bed ALL day. Your body would consume, or use up, this amount of calories.

Knowing your BMR is the first step in figuring out what your daily calorie intake should be to meet your personal fitness goals. People looking to put on more weight obviously need to eat more calories than their body is burning, and vice versa with those trying to lose weight. You can learn more about figuring out your daily calorie intake by checking out our Basics of Fitness for Beginners series, or more specifically, our Three Major Fitness Goals page.

Please use our custom BMR Calculator below, based off the most recent revision of the Harris-Benedict Equation by Mifflin and St. Jeor in 1990. It is the most commonly used BMR tool used today.