Coronavirus Home Workout Routine

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Corona got you stuck? Yea, me too. But hey, look on the bright side… I’m sure there’s some stuff around the house you’ve been meaning to get done. I know there is for me, like my fitness website for example! I haven’t posted on here (or finished a lot of the pages) in far too long.

Fortunately, since I am currently stuck at home on quarantine like many others, I’ve had to resort to homemade workouts. While I’d normally hate that, instead I’m taking advantage of it by simultaneously using the opportunity to also create new fitness content.

Feel free to check out my first (of what will probably be several considering the adjustable bench I just ordered from Amazon came in today, pumped!) Coronavirus Home Workout Routine.

Please excuse the video’s randomness a bit, it’s not my best videography work and I kind of just threw it together last minute while I was working out.

In this video I just cover some basics of exercises you can do with anything remotely heavy. I lucked out in the sense that I borrowed a coworker’s adjustable dumbbell set, so I will be using those to do my actual workouts. But, most of the workouts I do (with the exception of 1 or 2 if I remember correctly) you can also do with the help of common household goods like backpacks, gym bags, propane tanks, plastic bins, or milk/water jugs.

Even if you’re not a normal/frequent gym goer, these exercises aren’t very hard and they’re good for ANYONE that is stuck in the house…for both your physical and mental wellbeing. Just stepping outside into my back-patio area for an hour today was extremely satisfying.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and don’t get stagnant!

Please stay tuned for my next video, where I’ll be going over exercises you can do if you have any kind of bench. Links to buy both a bench and the adjustable dumbbells I am using can be found below 😊

Click the Picture to be Brought to This Product on Amazon – Adjustable Dumbbells
Click the Picture to be Brought to This Product on Amazon – Adjustable Workout Bench
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