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The two keys to working out are simple: diet and exercise. The variations of each are vast, and can be extremely overwhelming. What works? What doesn’t? How do I do this, or how do I do that? These are very common questions when you first start working out. When it comes to exercises, there are a million different ways you can work out each body part or muscle group. We’re going to make it easy for you to figure all of that out by providing you with our list of favorite exercises for each.
Furthermore, we’re going to break that list down into not only the major muscle groups, but their individual sections as well. That way, you’ll know exactly what you can do to work the exact spot you want to focus on.

Chest Exercises

Check out our list of favorite chest exercises to target the upper chest, lower chest, and total chest.

Back Exercises

Check out our list of our favorite back exercises to target the upper back, lower back, and middle back.

Shoulder Exercises

Here is our list of our favorite shoulder exercises to work the front shoulders, side/mid shoulders, and rear shoulders.

Leg Exercises

Friends don’t let friends skip leg day! Here is our list of our favorite leg exercises to target the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

Arm Exercises

While the arms get worked out during chest and back workouts, they also have great exercises to work them out on their own. Check out our list of bicep and tricep exercises.

Core Exercises

Your core is the most important section of your body, as it gives you strength when performing exercises in any of the other categories. Check our our list of core exercises to cover your abs, obliques, and lower back.