Homemade Dumbbells and Chest Day

Yea. We’re still here. It sucks, but hey… it could be worse I suppose.

I’ve had this video done for about a week now, but I’ve actually been making so much content and planning an entire revamp of this website, that I just got around to finally editing a few of the videos I’ve made.

So apologies for the delay since there have been a few people who have asked for some home fitness content, there will be several more videos coming over the next few days or so.

As the corona quarantine days continue, my videos will improve so bare with me! When I first randomly decided to do home workout videos due to quarantine, I didn’t really think ahead about how I wanted to do them exactly. So these first couple videos are very much me experimenting with how I want to continue doing them. I’m going back and forth between working out and talking while I workout so people can follow along, or just doing my workouts and dubbing over it with instruction later.

As of right now, I’m leaning more towards just doing a full workout on camera so people can follow along, because honestly it’s much easier to do and there’s far less video editing! But let me know if you have a preference 🙂

This first video is not a workout video.

In fact, it’s a short tips video on some quick ideas of how you can make homemade dumbbells for your home workouts. In my first few videos I made, I found myself always explaining alternate dumbbell methods. So instead of having to say it in every video, I made a separate one to refer to if you don’t have your own dumbbells at home.

Check it out below!

This next video is my second video of the post, which is in fact a workout video. When shooting, I didn’t take into consideration the fact many people won’t have a bench at home. So being aware of that now, after my next video or two, I will start to focus more on what you can do without a bench to accommodate as many people as I can.

Here is my quarantine home workout for chest day.

Lastly, if you’re looking for some other relatively inexpensive workout equipment to buy for home, check out my short list below of some things I have found useful and don’t break the bank.

Check out our list of inexpensive home workout equipment.
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